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Personal information Full name adiat ibrahim Date of birth 20 july 1996 19years place of birth ogun state nigeria professional skills footballer adiat ibrahim was born in ogun in nigeria and he was currently in sunlight fc in nigeria and he's last born of his family he attending secondary school level and he was picked as inter class during the school inter class and adiat ibrahim was popular know as indian boi when he was in school and he also represent him school started from primary school he was talented player and he move on to secondary school as well he have a lot of skill, dibble, the play of style is different for ronald and messi. adiat ibrahim {popular know as indian boi} he move on to arsenal 1 fc at capital of oyo state which is ibadan he want there for ibadan tournament that is where he see a lot of challenge and during the tournament he make are team debut over a victory by beating youngstar fc and indian boi was substitution in 75 minute by make the games end up with 2 2 draw but in that tournament arsenal 1 fc over a victory by take 3rd position. He did well at that tournament and he make a victory by collecting silver medal