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Biography pages[dezie ebe o si]

Greetings, Africommunity. I apologize for writing in English; I don't know Igbo though have contributed hundreds of technical edits here. Thank you for your contributions to the Igbo Wikipedia. Note that on a page you created, Chike Nwasike, I removed the reference to the LinkedIn website. The information on that site is provided by the individuals themselves, so is not considered a reliable and verifiable source of information for Wikipedia. Look for press coverage from mainstream media, government and institutions of higher education, etc. The focus of Wikipedia is to be neutral and not promotional. I hope this is a helpful guideline for you. Do feel free to contact me on my Talk page for any questions. Happy New Year! Cheers, Deborahjay (kwuo) 21:16, 30 Ọnwa iri na abụọ 2021 (UTC)[Zaghachi]

Ok Africommunity (kwuo) 15:08, 18 Ọnwa mbụ 2022 (UTC)[Zaghachi]