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Failụ si na nke mbu(usòrò SVG, nà áhà pixel 1,000 × 500, ívụ usòrò: 818 bytes)

Failụ a si na Wikimedia Commons,enwekwara ike iji ya eme ihe na arụmarụ ọzọ. Nkọwa na ihuakwukwọ nkọwa failụ eziri na okpuru.


አማርኛ: የኢትዮጵያ ሰንደቅ ዓላማ
Čeština: Vlajka Etiopie
English: Flag of Ethiopia
Italiano: Bandiera dell'Etiopia
Oromoo: Alaabaa Itoophiyaa
Soomaaliga: Calanka Itoobiya
Ǹgụ́ụ̀bọ̀chị̀ (original version); 1996, 2009 (current version)
Odé ákwụ́kwọ́ Drawn by User:SKopp
(Í jí kwá usòrò nke)
Public domain This work was first published in Ethiopia and is now in the public domain because its copyright protection has expired by virtue of the Proclamation No. 410/2004 on Copyright and Neighboring Rights Protection, enacted 2004 (details). The work meets one of the following criteria:

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Flag of Ethiopia.svg
Copyright notes

Copyright notes
Per U.S. Circ. 38a., the following countries are not a participant in the Berne Convention or any other treaty on copyright with the United States:
  • Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Nauru, Palau, San Marino, Somalia and South Sudan.

As such, works published by citizens of these countries in these countries are usually not subject to copyright protection outside of these countries. Hence, such works may be in the public domain in most other countries worldwide.

  • Works published in these countries by citizens or permanent residents of other countries that are signatories to the Berne Convention or any other treaty on copyright will still be protected in their home country and internationally as well as locally by local copyright law.
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  • A work from one of these countries may become copyrighted in the United States under the URAA if the work's home country enters a copyright treaty or agreement with the United States and the work is still under copyright in its home country.

Ethiopia has enacted a copyright law as published in the Official Gazette (Unofficial English (WIPO) translation) which came into force on 19 July 2004.
PD-icon.svg This file is ineligible for copyright and therefore in the public domain because it consists entirely of information that is common property and contains no original authorship.
This image shows a flag, a coat of arms, a seal or some other official insignia. The use of such symbols is restricted in many countries. These restrictions are independent of the copyright status.
Nke ya ozor
SVG genesis
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This vector image was created with a text editor.

Colour and symbolism

  •    Green: "represents the richness and the fertility of our land as well as hope "
  •    Yellow: "represents religious freedom and peace."
  •    Red: "represents the sacrifice of our fathers, who spilled their blood in defense of Ethiopia "

Colours scheme

Flag of Ethiopia.svg Green Yellow Red
RGB 7/137/48 252/221/9 218/18/26
Hexadecimal #078930ff #fcdd09ff #da121aff
CMYK 95/0/65/46 0/12/96/1 0/92/88/15
Emblem of Ethiopia.svg Blue Yellow
RGB 15/71/175 252/221/9
Hexadecimal #0f47afff #fcdd09ff
CMYK 91/59/0/31 0/12/96/1

Ịta nke usòrò

Bìri èhì/ogè k'ị hụ òtù ụ̀fa dị̀ m̀gbè ahụ̀.

Èhì/OgèMbọ-akaÓgólógó na asaáÒjìèmeNkwute
dị ùgbu â14:54, 8 Ọnwam̀bụ 2019NvóÁká màkà otù ȯ dị nà 14:54, 8 Ọnwam̀bụ 20191,000 × 500 (818 bytes)FDRMRZUSAHigher svg resolution from same file (by "Inkscape"). Same proportion: 1:2. Optimized code. No other changes.
13:35, 15 Ọnwaàsaà 2014NvóÁká màkà otù ȯ dị nà 13:35, 15 Ọnwaàsaà 2014720 × 360 (819 bytes)SiBr4Cloning the parts of the pentagram & centering it
23:52, 8 Ọnwaìrinààbụọ 2010NvóÁká màkà otù ȯ dị nà 23:52, 8 Ọnwaìrinààbụọ 20101,200 × 600 (1 KB)Huhsunquiqual to the emblem file
17:57, 2 Ọnwaìse 2010NvóÁká màkà otù ȯ dị nà 17:57, 2 Ọnwaìse 20101,200 × 600 (1 KB)Zscout370Still nothing about the colors, but a 2009 law changed the dimensions of the flag where the emblem is now 2/3rds of the flag's width.
03:39, 11 Ọnwam̀bụ 2007NvóÁká màkà otù ȯ dị nà 03:39, 11 Ọnwam̀bụ 2007600 × 300 (2 KB)ReisioReverted to earlier revision
00:03, 11 Ọnwam̀bụ 2007NvóÁká màkà otù ȯ dị nà 00:03, 11 Ọnwam̀bụ 20071,000 × 500 (1 KB)Pumbaa80more vivid colors; design from
20:14, 3 Ọnwaìsiì 2006NvóÁká màkà otù ȯ dị nà 20:14, 3 Ọnwaìsiì 2006600 × 300 (2 KB)FibonacciSimplified version
22:46, 27 Ọnwaìtoolu 2005NvóÁká màkà otù ȯ dị nà 22:46, 27 Ọnwaìtoolu 2005600 × 300 (4 KB)SKoppThe flag of Ethiopia. Source: Drawn by User:SKopp {{Template:Insignia}} Category:Flags of Ethiopia

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