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     ...stub in parameter version usage, began auto-categorization logic (See line== 'content of W:template:tt0 goes here when tested.'), and other misc. fixups.

Rev: 2F-L: In general: Prep for adding pass 3 auto-categorisation...
   (A) stub in switch parameters usage.
   (B) Assert w:magic word 'lcfirst' for wiktionary namecon compliance when possible. (Note: TL/tl is a likely problem there!)
   (C) extensive use of {i} templates today... Need wikisource to un-depreciate use of Indent. (D) Unplanned edit: Am getting a spurious /includeonly that disappears when call here is turned into an lts call... which pins things down TO HERE or daughter templates.

Rev: 2F-k:

Adds Edit link to array box, Fixed logic sense of ALL param., added Inhib/Override params (All UCASE) to bypass a sister if they don't or do want a template... whichever is opposite case from normal.
(Downside: If they accept or not accept the project, then will have to change all tagging here and re-export... but we're doing that now. It's going to get far harder as time as more goes out.
  • Hmmmm, can a BOT do a list and remove or add OVR=xxx| segments within a line? Seems likely.

Similar templates at English sister projects [edit]
mta Meta-wiki Interwikitmp-grp
wpd Wikipedia Interwikitmp-grp
cms Commons Interwikitmp-grp
wbk Wikibooks Interwikitmp-grp
wqt Wikiquote Interwikitmp-grp
wsr Wikisource Interwikitmp-grp
wsp Wikispecies Interwikitmp-grp
wvy Wikiversity Interwikitmp-grp
This project under construction ...
Pardon our appearance whist we remodel,
pull the engine, and change the tires.

Usage[dezie ebe o si]

This template can be used when more than one English language sister projects has a similar template. If the templates have different names on different projects you can use parameters to specify those names:

Switch and override pagename parameters[dezie ebe o si]

  • mta=template name at Meta-wiki
  • wpd=template name at English Wikipedia
  • cms=template name at Commons
  • wbk=template name at English Wikibooks
  • wqt=template name at English Wikiquote
  • wsr=template name at English Wikisource
  • wdy=template name at English Wikitionary
  • wnw=template name at English Wikinews
  • wsp=template name at English Wikispecies
  • wvr=template name at English Wikiversity
  • mdw=template name at Media-wiki
(In some of the discussion below, any one of the above is represented by 'xxx'.)

Passing an empty parameter will cause the item to be omitted from the list. Some sister-projects only have marginal inclusion in, or need for this template sharing. These default to 'off' in the normal display (Wiktionary, Media-wiki, Wikinews currently).

Flip parameters

Those which are off, but do use the template being tagged, may be included in the list by defining an all capital letters version of the above all lower case parameters. (Example: '|WDY=y' will include Wiktionary under the same default template name by the template code: '{{{wdy|{{{2|{{PAGENAME}} }}} }}} }}} , thus typing in a long name when a normally suppressed template auto-link IS desired, is not necessary. Using XXX=1 to turn off a link, such as when a Sister project TfD decides to not allow the template locally, would be redundant with 'xxx=', add complexity, and is subject to confusion. So the Capital letter flip parameters are available only those sister projects which normally suppress a template.



This produces a box with the Meta and Wikiquote rows ommitted, and the "Template:foo" linked to in the Wikinews row (alternate name of same template), and link to the normal name on Wiktionary and Media-wiki. '!Goo' is the category pipe-trick, {{PAGENAME}} is redundant </nowiki>{{{2}}}</nowiki> argument.

An interesting experiment: See the different uses the templates {{w}}, {{c}}, {{cat}} and {{tl}} are put to on each English sister project. The shorter the name, the more likely a naming collision will occur with a different use of the tool template!

Other parameters[dezie ebe o si]

  1. General Auto-categorization applies pipe-tricked category sorting using '{{{xxx|{{{1|{{PAGENAME}} }}} }}} }}} , which allows the lowercase override name 'xxx', the general sorting name {{{1}}}, or the overall default, the Magic word '{{PAGENAME}} .

  2. V=letter 'D' or numbers: {0, 1, 2,..., 6}} — from Version P3 will provide auto-categorization same as the suffixed versions of 'interwikitmp-grp##' listed in template:interwikitmp-grp/doc. (Not currently in place!) // FrankB 07:19, 8 February 2007 (UTC)

  3. ALL=anything — turns on all links forming elements. Can use to poll sister projects for template presence, or to distribute the template, despite normal non-participation by that sister in the project.

  4. cat=bare name... value supplants for V=3, 4, 5, and V=6 auto-categorization modes. The replacement category is generally a sub-category of Miscellaneous, such as typing-aid templates or uncategorized templates. 'cat=' may be defined false (not uncommon in V=6 calls where template is a category tagging template linking both internally and externally but used on category pages. Example: W:Template:Commonscat1A, Template:Wikipediacat1A, Template:WikiPtmp (or any 'XXXXtmp' templates listed below) and etcetera.)

  5. ALL2= or ALLCATS= anything — is an edit-check mode parameter. It is the same as specifying all variations of 'V=' parameter, and turns on ALL autocategorization. (It should not be used on any page in a permanent save, but is for preview mode testing.)

  6. CATS=[[Category:non-standard category1|pipetrick1]][[[[Category:non-standard category2|pipetrick2]]...[[Category:non-standard categoryNN|pipetrickNN]]
         Used primarily in administrative templates where the category structure has been duplicated locally for compatibility.

    1. Cat1=, Cat2=, Cat3=, ..., Cat5=[[Category:catname|pipe-trick]], for keeping things neat on separate lines... especially useful when using different pipe-tricked forms.

  1. inhib=anything — Inhib suppresses auto-categorization to Category:Interwiki utility templates (Normally lists tools or other Utility templates), in conjuction with parameter V=0, it also asserts Category:Interwiki template-links-tagging templates provided the 'V=0' condition is also a parameter, and always causes auto-categorization to Category:Interwiki templates on all sister projects regardlss of V=#.

    In use, inhib is for templates that are part of one interwiki linking system, or the other (two other tagging systems that tie categories together which came first, albeit unofficially as experimental implementations began in the summer of 2006), and lastly, for the site independent templates which are used to generate uniform messages and documentation for such templates, many of these being formating typing aids (i, i0, i2, i5, and indent) powerful category or template links generating tools (lc, lts), or site independent link templates (w2, w2c, Mw, wd).

  2. ??? - Stay tuned.

Individual tags[dezie ebe o si]

Templates to use when only some small number of sister projects has a similar template
  1. template:Metatmp
  2. template:commonstmp
  3. template:WikiBookstmp
  4. template:Wikiquote
  5. template:Wikisourcetmp
  6. template:Wiktionarytmp
  7. template:WikiNewstmp
  8. template:WikiSpeciestmp
  9. template:WikiVersitytmp
Interwiki task management templates (for misc. Maintenance)
As of 4 February, the below uses are depreciated--- use '|V=##| syntax matching suffixed names.

content of W:template:tt0 goes here when tested.

Template:Interwikitmp-grp/doc (edit talk links history)Template:Interwikitmp-grpNN usage (edit talk links history)


(Temporary availability check for documentation compatibility)
On {{Mw }} /{{W2 }} /{{W2c}} / {{Wb }} /{{Wq }} /{{Ws }} /{{Wd }} /{{Wn }} /{{Wsp }} /{{Wv }} /{{Mdw }} (sister templates)
On {{mta}} /{{wpd}} /{{cms}} / {{wbk}} /{{wqt}} /{{wsp}} /{{wdy}} /{{wnw}} /{{wsp}} /{{wvy}} /{{mdw}} (sister templates)

Key categories
Categories in the system Interwikitmp-grp##'s tagging templates with category
Category:Interwiki template-links-tagging templates (edit talk links history) a
Category:Interwiki utility templates (edit talk links history) b
Category:Interwiki templates on all sisterprojects (edit talk links history) c
Category:Interwiki link templates (edit talk links history) d
Category:Miscellaneous templates (edit talk links history) e
Category:Typing-aid templates (edit talk links history) f
Category:Interwiki utility templates (edit talk links history) g
Category:Interwiki templates varying on other sister projects (edit talk links history) h
Interwiki name difference other sister project i
Category:Uncategorized templates (edit talk links history) j
Category:Navigation templates (edit talk links history) k
Category:Redirect templates (edit talk links history) l

1 Category:Interwiki link templates and Category:Interwiki utility templates -- bridge a gulf

2 Category: Internal link templates and Category:Interwiki utility templates.-- Link/Edit another page internally

3 Category:[ Miscellaneous || Typing-aid || Uncategorized ] templates and Category:Interwiki utility templates

4 Category:Interwiki link templates and Category:Miscellaneous templates -- Combo's of 1 + 3

5 Category: Internal link templates and Category:Miscellaneous templates -- Combo's of 2 + 3

6 Interwiki link templates, Internal link templates and Category:Miscellaneous templates -- Combo's of 1 + 2 + 3

{{IWTG size}}==35 {{IWTG width}}== 250px Template:Interwiki class-sisterproject (edit talk links history)


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