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Pharaoh nke Egypt mbu
Ochíchí {{{Ochíchí}}},  {{{Úlọ ézè}}}
Coregency {{{Coregency}}}
Pharaoh mbu {{{Pharaoh mbu}}}
Mgbe o mechạrạ {{{Mgbe o mechạrạ}}}
Olúlú {{{Nwínyẹ ma Dí}}}
Úmu {{{Úmu}}}
Nwa {{{Issue}}}
Mmpá {{{Mmpá}}}
Mmá {{{Mmá}}}
Mürü {{{Mürü}}}
Würü {{{Würü}}}
Olìlì {{{Olìlì}}}
Akpụrákpụ {{{Akpụrákpụ}}}
[edit] Template-info.svg Template documentation

Otu é shi jí iheá

This template is designed to display the information on Egyptian pharaohs, inclusing their names in Egyptian hieroglyphs. All but the name are optional, the parameters are as below (for a full example see Ramesses II).

Full syntax:

{{Ngwómárí pharaoh 
|Úlọ ézè=
|Pharaoh mbu=
|Mgbe o mechạrạ=


|Nwínyẹ ma Dí=

Parameters used with this template:

{{{align}}} — sets the position of the template: left, center or right.
{{{era}}} — sets the colours of the template by predefined era: see Template talk:Hiero.
{{{áha}}} — áha na Igbo maka íshíshím.
{{{nomen}}} — the nomen in hieroglyphs with hiero tags.
{{{Name}}} — sets the common name of the pharaoh (mandatory)
{{{Image}}} — sets image for the info box (try and 'use a headshot', if possible) (optional)

{{{Nomen}}} — sets the Nomen – use
format, then the transliteration, and then translation (optional)

{{{Pronomen}}} — sets the Pronomen (See above) (optional)
{{{Golden}}} — sets the text of the Golden Horus name (optional)
{{{Nebty}}} — sets the text of the Nebty name (optional)
{{{Horus}}} — sets the text of the Horus (optional)
{{{Reign}}} — sets the dates of the reign (use alternatives, if known) (optional)
{{{Predecessor}}} — sets the predecessor of the king (optional)
{{{Successor}}} — sets the successor of the king (optional)
{{{Nwínyẹ ma Dí}}} — sets the consort(s) (optional)
{{{Issues}}} — sets any children of the king (optional)
{{{Úlọ ézè}}} — sets the dynasty of the king (optional)
{{{Father}}} — sets the father of the king, if known (optional)
{{{Mother}}} — sets the mother of the king, if known (optional)
{{{Born}}} — sets the year of birth (optional)
{{{Died}}} — sets the year of death (optional)
{{{Burial}}} — sets the place of burial, where the body was found, etc.(optional)
{{{Monuments}}} — sets any major well known monuments of the king (optional)
{{{Alt}}} — sets any alternatives of the name (optional)
{{{ROLE}}} — sets the title of the box, defaults to Pharaoh of Egypt (optional)
{{{GoldenHiero}}} — sets the hieroglyphic Golden Horus name (See above) (optional)
{{{NebtyHiero}}} — sets the hieroglyphic Nebty name (See above) (optional)
{{{HorusHiero}}} — sets the hieroglyphic Horus (See above) (optional)

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