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Ndepụta nke ndị nwụrụ anwụ

Shí Wikipedia, njikotá édémédé nke onyobulạ

Na France, Fichier des personnes décédéé ("ndebanye aha nke ndị nwụrụ anwụ") bụ aha etiti nke ndị nwụrụ na obodo kemgbe ). Kemgbe Ọktoba 2019, a na-enweta ndekọ ahụ n'ịntanetị n'efu na enweghị ndebanye aha.

Data in the register

[dezie | dezie ebe o si]

Ndebanye aha ahụ nwere ọnwụ kemgbe 1970, gụnyere. N'ime afọ dị ugbu a, a na-enwe kwa ọnwa anIn France, File of deceased persons ("ndị nwụrụ n'ọnwụ") nke e bipụtara na France, ọnụ ọgụgụ ndị nwụrụ na Obodo ukwu). N'ọnwa Ọktoba 2019, ị ga-enwe ike ịnweta faịlụ nkeji nkeji iri na ise nke faịlụ aha.d nkeji iri anọ. N'ime afọ gara aga, a na-achịkọta data ahụ n'otu faịlụ kwa afọ.[1][1]

Each entry concerns one person and contains the surname, first names, sex, date of birth, the Insee code of the place of birth (or country of birth for those born abroad), the name of the place of birth (for those born abroad also the name of the country of birth), the date of death, the Insee code of the place of death and the number in the death register of the respective municipality. The text fields contain only capital letters without diacritics.[1]

Each data set is included in the file that corresponds to its date of processing at the Insee, not the date of death.[1] The law gives French civil registry offices one week to report deaths to the Insee. For reports submitted in paper form by traditional mail, postal delivery and processing at the statistics bureau will cause an additional delay before the data are recorded. Public holidays or other circumstances affecting the work of the authorities involved may also cause delays. A file of the register published by Insee for a given period therefore usually contains a significant number of entries for previous reporting periods; conversely, not all deaths occurring during the reporting period are included in the file for that period. For example, the monthly file for March 2020 contained about 8,700 entries concerning deaths before 1 March, but the file was missing 9,500 cases of deaths in March that were not recorded until April.[2]

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