The Carpenters

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The Carpenters
musical duo, sibling group
Oge/afọ mmalite1969 Dezie
aha gọọmentiThe Carpenters Dezie
oge ọrụ ya (mmalite)1969 Dezie
Oge ọrụ ya (njedebe)1983 Dezie
diskografiCarpenters discography Dezie
Ọrụ ama amaWe've Only Just Begun, (They Long to Be) Close to You, Rainy Days and Mondays Dezie
ebe e guzobereNjikota Obodo Amerika Dezie
ụdịpop music, rock music, adult contemporary music, easy listening Dezie
akara ndekọA&M Records Dezie
mba osiNjikota Obodo Amerika Dezie
webụsaịtị Dezie

The Carpenters bu ndï onye Njikota Obodo Amerika.

  • Ticket to Ride (1969)
  • Close to You (1970)
  • Carpenters (1971)
  • A Song for You (1972)
  • Now and Then (1973)
  • Horizon (1975)
  • A Kind of Hush (1976)
  • Passage (1977)
  • Christmas Portrait (1978)
  • Made in America (1981)
  • Voice of the Heart (1983)
  • An Old-Fashioned Christmas (1984)
  • Lovelines (1989)
  • As Time Goes By (2004)