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Usage[dezie ebe o si]

This template produces a link to a list of map sources, based on the geographical coordinates and other parameters, concatenated into one template parameter. The other template parameter is the link label.




  • cc is the coordinate written in the format required by the Special:Mapsources page. For example, for the coordinate 59° 55′ N 10° 44′ E, use: 59_55_N_10_44_E.
  • tt is the text appearing in the link

For more parameters (scale, location type, etc.) see Wikipedia:WikiProject Geographical coordinates#Implementation details.

The main coordinates templates (see below) are generally used instead of this template.

See also[dezie ebe o si]

On how to use the different templates, see Wikipedia:Manual of Style (dates and numbers)#Geographical coordinates

For further information, see WikiProject Geographical coordinates.

Main coordinates templates[dezie ebe o si]