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Àtụ:Coor at dm

Shí Wikipedia, njikotá édémédé nke onyobulạ

{{{1}}}°{{{2}}}′{{{3}}} {{{4}}}°{{{5}}}′{{{6}}}Coordinates: {{{1}}}°{{{2}}}′{{{3}}} {{{4}}}°{{{5}}}′{{{6}}}

Ihe idi gu na okpuru line nkee no na Àtụ:Coor at dm/doc [edit] - The template documentation below is transcluded from Àtụ:Coor at dm/doc [edit]

This template combines:

It lists the coordinates within the article text and at the upper-right corner of the article, just below the horizontal rule running under the article's title (in Monobook, placement in other skins varies).

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