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Creating a user account and user page for the bot describing its functions.

please state the following:

  1. To log the creation of the bot account under your operator account click here while logged in. (Please note that if you fail to do this, your bot may be blocked quickly as a possible sock or unauthorized bot until you verify that you are the owner.)
  2. Describe the bot's purpose, language it uses, what program(s) it uses (pywikipedia framework, etc).
  3. Describe whether it is manually assisted or automatically scheduled to run.
  4. The period, if any, we should expect it to run.
  5. Identify the maintainer.
  6. Add the bot's user page to Category:Wikipedia bots (By adding {{bot|your user name}} to the bot's user page)
Listing your bot here.

Replace BotName with your bot's user name in the box below and click the button. If this is a request for an additional task, put a task number as well (e.g. Wikipedia:Bots/Requests for approval/BotName 2).

  1. Complete the questions on the resulting page and save it.
  2. Edit this page, adding the following text to the appropriate section (replacing BotName with your bot's name):
    If this is a request for your bot's first task, leave TaskNumber blank (i.e., do not add it unless you added a number to the title of the page created above). That is, use the template {{BRFA|BotName||Open}}

Waiting for approval.

You must then wait for approval from an admin or someone in the approvals group. Please add a link to the approval request to the bot's userpage.