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Akwụkwọ nke Momọn

Shí Wikipedia, njikotá édémédé nke onyobulạ
Akwụkwọ nke Momọn
ọrụ ederere, religious text, Mormon literature
ahaThe Book of Mormon Dezie
subtitleAn Account Written by the Hand of Mormon, upon Plates Taken from the Plates of Nephi. Wherefore it is an abridgment of the Record of the People of Nephi; and also of the Lamanites; written to the Lamanites, which are a remnant of the House of Israel; and also to Jew and Gentile; written by way of commandment, and also by the spirit of Prophecy and of Revelation. Written, and sealed up, and hid up unto the Lord, that they might not be destroyed, to come forth by the gift and power of God unto the interpretation thereof; sealed by the hand of Moroni, and hid up unto the Lord, to come forth in due time by way of the Gentile; the interpretation thereof by the gift of God; an abridgment taken from the Book of Ether. Also, which is a Record of the People of Jared, which were scattered at the time the Lord confounded the language of the people when they were building a tower to get to Heaven; which is to shew unto the remnant of the House of Israel how great things the Lord hath done for their fathers; and that they may know the covenants of the Lord, that they are not cast off forever; and also to the convincing of the Jew and Gentile that Jesus is the Christ, the Eternal God, manifesting Himself unto all nations. And now if there be fault, it be the mistake of men; wherefore condemn not the things of God, that ye may be found spotless at the judgment seat of Christ. Dezie
A gụrụ ahaMormon Dezie
ụdịreligious text, Efefe Kraịst Dezie
nwere mbipụta ma ọ bụ ntụgharị asụsụBook of Mormon, Q126707622 Dezie
mbipụta ma ọ bụ nsụgharị nkegolden plates Dezie
Odee akwụkwọMormon, Joseph Smith Dezie
ndị mbipụtaThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Dezie
mba osiNjikota Obodo Amerika Dezie
asụsụ eji dee ọrụBekee Dezie
afọ/ụbọchị mbipụta1830 Dezie
full work available at URLhttps://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/scriptures/bofm Dezie
ebipụtara nastandard works Dezie
copyright statusPublic domain, Public domain Dezie

Akwụkwọ nke Momọn bụ otu akwụkwo nso nke ndi Momọn, ndi n'ekpewaa na ulo uka nk'ana kpo "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints". Ndi bi n'ekperechi ha si n'o-gbasa ndu onye prophet haa, otu nkowe ana-kpo Momọn (Mormon).

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