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Annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation

Shí Wikipedia, njikotá édémédé nke onyobulạ
Annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation
annexation, self-determination, military operation
Akụkụ nkeAgha Russo-Ukrainian, 2014 Russian invasion of Ukraine Dezie
ihu nkeRussian irredentism, Agha Russo-Ukrainian, Russian imperialism, political status of Crimea Dezie
onye dị ịrịba amaSergey Aksyonov Dezie
mba/obodoYukrain, Mpaghara Russia, Republic of Crimea Dezie
ebeCrimea Dezie
na-esochiRevolution of Dignity, 2014 Russian invasion of Crimea, transfer of Crimea in the Soviet Union Dezie
oge omelu2014 Dezie
oge obidoro20 Febụwarị 2014 Dezie
oge ngwụcha26 Maachị 2014 Dezie
time periodRussia under Vladimir Putin, history of Ukraine since 1991 Dezie
has immediate causeEuromaidan Dezie
nwere mmetụtainternational reactions to the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation Dezie
Iwu isi EderedeTreaty on the Adoption of the Republic of Crimea to Russia, Federal constitutional law of 2001-12-17 no. 6-FKZ Dezie

</ref>|units1=Based in Crimea,
elements of


  • 510th Naval Inf Bde (Feodosiia)
  • 810th Naval Inf Bde (Simferopol)

Deployed to Crimea, elements of

Ground Forces

(GRU command)



  • 382nd Naval Inf Bn (Temryuk)
  • 727th Naval Inf Bn (Astrakhan)

Special Operations Forces

  • SOF Command (Prokhladny)|notes=|casualties_label=|fined=|charged=|detentions=|arrests=|injuries=|fatalities=|casualties3=2 civilian deaths during the protests, 1 civilian killed by "Crimean self-defense" under the leadership of a former serviceman of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation[2][3][4][5][6][7]|casualties2=
  • 2 soldiers killed[8]
  • 60–80 soldiers detained[9]
  • 9,268 military servicemen and 7,050 civilian employees defected[10][11]


Ukrainian military forces

Volunteer units[18][20]

  • 5,000 (Sevastopol)
  • 1,700 (Simferopol)

Russian military forces


  • 36th Indep Coastal Def Bde (at Perevalne)
    • 1st Indep Naval Inf Bn (Feodosiia)
    • 56th Indep Gds Bn (Sevastopol)
    • 501st Indep Naval Inf Bn (Kerch)
  • 406th Indep Artillery Bde (Simferopol)
  • 37th Indep Comms and Control Rgt (Sevastopol)


Interior troops

  • 9th Indep Bde (Simferopol)
  • 15th Indep Bn (Yevpatoriia)
  • 18th Indep Spec Mot Militia Bn (Haspra)
  • 42nd Indep Operational Rgt (Sevastopol)
  • 47th Bde (Feodosiia)

Border guards

  • Special-Purpose Border Guard Bn (Yalta)}}
Annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation

Na February na March 2014, Russia wakporo ma mesịa wepụta Peninsula Crimea na Ukraine. Ihe omume a mere n'ihi mgbanwe mgbanwe nke nkwanye ùgwù ma bụrụ akụkụ nke esemokwu Russo-Ukrainian sara mbara.

Na 22–23 February 2014, Onye isi ala Russia Vladimir Putin kpọkọtara nzukọ abalị niile na ndị isi ọrụ nchekwa iji kparịta mwepu nke onye isi ala Ukraine a chụpụrụ, Viktor Yanukovych . Na njedebe nke nzukọ ahụ, Putin kwuru na "anyị ga-amalite ịrụ ọrụ na ịlaghachi Crimea na Russia". [34] Na 23 nke ọnwa Febụwarị, e mere ihe ngosi pro-Russian n'obodo Sevastopol nke Crimea. Na 27 February, ndị agha Russia kpuchie na-enweghị akara ngosi [35] weghaara Kansụl Kasị Elu (ụlọ omebe iwu) nke Crimea [36] [37] wee weghara saịtị ndị dị mkpa n'ofe Crimea, nke butere nwụnye gọọmentị pro-Russian Sergey Aksyonov na Crimea., na-eduzi referendum ọnọdụ Crimea na nkwupụta nke nnwere onwe nke Crimea na 16 Maachị 2014. [38] [39] Rọshịa webatara Crimea n'ụzọ iwu ka ọ bụrụ obodo gọọmentị etiti Russia abụọ — Republic of Crimea na obodo Sevastopol nke etiti Sevastopol na [40] 2014 [41] iji mee ka ọnọdụ ọhụrụ ahụ sie ike na ala. [42]

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