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Igbo: Aham bụ Nwa Ada Blossom Ozurumba. Obi dim ụto ebe ọdi ukwu. Agam agbali na akwalite odide asụsụ Igbo na Wikipedia. Udo diri unu.

English: My name is Blossom Ozurumba. My heart is full of joy. I will endeavor to support the creation of pages and articles in Igbo language on the Wikipedia platform. Peace.

Thanks to Olaniyan Olushola and the entire Women inspired: Health and Community], I am volunteering my time as an editor on Wikipedia with a focus on the Igbo Language Platform.

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My Blog

Introducing your volunteer Wikignome[mèzi mkpụrụ]

Dear Blossom, I'm introducing myself User:Deborahjay as we've connected recently via the Africa Office Hour. After that I became Facebook Friends with Uzoma Ozurumba, and now I've come to meet you here. You're welcome to read what I wrote today on Uzoma's User talk page. It explains the first bit of work I've done on the IG WP. I'm looking forward to interacting with you and discovering how I can help you improve the Igbo Wikipedia. -- Deborahjay (talk) 20:57, 12 Ọnwaìsiì 2018 (UTC)

Thank you so much Deborah. It is a true pleasure to meet you. I celebrate you. Blossom Ozurumba Talk 19:13, 14 Ọnwaìsiì 2018 (UTC)

Hi User:Blossom Ozurumba, this Wikipedia needs someone who speaks the Igbo language, so your cooperation is very welcome. Deborah is contributing in several Wikipedias, you two can improve many things here. Thank you. DARIO SEVERI (talk) 02:57, 15 Ọnwaìsiì 2018 (UTC)

To alphabetize biography pages in categories[mèzi mkpụrụ]

Hello, Blossom! Since User:Tochiprecious has created many new pages since the recent Edit-a-Thon, I wrote an explanation on her User page about how to alphabetize bio pages using the DEFAULTSORT template.

Again, thank you for understanding that I write in English. -- Deborahjay (talk) 11:59, 12 Ọnwaàsaà 2018 (UTC)